Innovation is evolution.

The understanding of innovation has to be divided in the development of new topics and the progression of existing topics. Innovation means high chances as well as high risks for a corporation.

Example given of an initial innovation dialogue:

Which products or technologies could replace your primary business?
Based on this analysis an urgent, necessary or possible need for action will be revealed.

Which culture of innovation is existing in your company?
Oftentimes we speak of a fight between pioneers and keepers inside companies.

Which timing (e.g. time to market) is crucial for your development?
Innovation isn’t always possible nor beneficial at any moment and may result in failure.

External perspectives, changes of dependencies, invasive thinking or approaches are agile factors when new ideas and innovation turn up. Especially in case of disruptive innovations there can be big mutations, costs and, needless to say, doubts.

We are looking forward to be your companion on your way to the transformation of your products and company.

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